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Cinema 4D is a professional 3D modelling, animation, simulation, and rendering software solution. It is a fast, powerful, flexible, and stable toolset to make 3D workflows more efficient for design, motion graphics, VFX, AR/MR/VR, game development and all types of visualisation.

Available as one year subscription or perpetual licence. What's the difference between S and R versions?

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Maxon Cinema 4D

Maxon's Cinema 4D is a complete 3D computer animation, modelling, simulation, and rendering package. It is a fast, powerful, flexible, and stable toolset that makes 3D workflows more accessible and efficient for design, motion graphics, game development, VFX, Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality, and any other type of visualisation discipline. Create stunning results with C4D whether you work alone or as part of a team.

What is a Maxon Teams Account?

A Maxon Teams Account allows you to selectively share or float Teams Licenses between individual users or groups, while remaining in full control. The account admin can invite and remove users from the Team as and when they choose, or even pool select users into a group for more control.

You can purchase Teams licences using the Licence Type dropdown box above.

Please note: To be eligible for a Teams Account, you must have a minimum of 3 Teams licences. Floating Teams licences have a minimum order quantity of 5 licences.

What's New in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D boasts the most intuitive 3D application interface - and this just got even better with a new modern skin, user interface enhancements and an expansive preset system for optimising your workflow. Capsules allow anyone to tap into the power and flexibility of Cinema 4D's Scene Node system, with plugin-like features directly in the Classic Object Manager, while Data Import and Spline features within Scene Nodes power unique and useful toolsets via Scene Nodes, the Scene Manager and Capsules.

Cinema 4D Improved UI

User Interface Enhancements

Cinema 4D's already intuitive interface has been further improved.

Cloth Simulation

Cloth Simulation

All new Cloth and Rope dynamics mean achieving more realistic-looking simulations with either CPU or GPU.


ZRemesher for Retopology

New interactive modelling tools, advanced spline nodes, capsule possibilities, and improved vector Import.

C4D Spline Import

Presets System

Bring vector artwork into Cinema 4D from Illustrator, PDF and SVG files.

C4D Scene Manager

Scene Nodes System

C4D's new node-based core allows users to utilise flexible node-based assets to enable procedutal geometry creation, cloning and more.

Redshift Everywhere

Redshift Everywhere

Redshift for Cinema 4D now supports CPU rendering and includes high-qualty previews in the viewport and import/export of Redshift materials.


Motion designers will benefit from MoGraph, a procedural modelling and animation toolset that lets users easily create complex and abstract animations. The Cloner object is the heart of MoGraph which allows the duplication of objects in many different ways. Add MoGraph’s powerful collection of Effectors to the mix and you can put everything in limitless motion using sound, fracturing, fields, and so much more! MoGraph is the go-to system for professional broadcast graphics designers and was recognised by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with a Technical Achievement Award in 2019.

Easy to Learn. Easy to Use.

Cinema 4D is widely recognised as one of the easiest and most accessible 3D packages to learn and use. To soften that learning curve, Maxon offers thousands of tutorials on Cineversity as well as hundreds of Quick Tips.


Polygonal Modelling
The building blocks of C4D, the complete polygon toolset makes it easy to craft everything from cars to creatures.

Parametric Modelling
Cinema 4D offers a wide range of parametric objects that give you structure to build from.

Volume Modelling
C4D's OpenVDB-based volume modelling offers a procedural way to create complex objects.

Create organic models by pulling, smoothing, flattening, cutting, and pinching your models just like clay.

Poly Pen
The swiss army knife of 3D modelling, poly pen lets you create, select, move or delete points, edges and surfaces without switching tool.

Polygon Reduction
Quickly reduce the amount of polygons in your models while preserving smooth UVs, vertex maps, and selections.

Create photorealistic materials with multi-layered material channels, reflectance, procedural shaders, and more.


Animation Basics

Animation Basics

Almost any objects, material, or parameter can be animated. You can even keyframe manually, automatically, or parametrically.

Character Animation

Character Animation

C4D offers a wide range of easy and reliable tools to bring your characters to life.



Create dynamic relationships between objects, generate hair and cloth, or use springs and motors to generate amazing animations.



Cinema 4D offers on-board tools for tracking objects or camera positions.

Character Object

Character Object

Easily build flexible rigs for any type of character, based on presets for bipeds, quadrupeds, and more.

Mixamo Control Rig

Mixamo Control Rig

Apply and modify motion clips from Adobe's Mixamo library.

Toon Rig

Toon Rig

This versatile character rig offers all the features you need to animate cartoon-style.

Moves by Maxon

Moves by Maxon

Capture facial and body movements with the iOS app and apply them in C4D.


After Effects Integration
Drop native C4D projects right into After Effects where you can manipulate 3D elements and render directly.

Adobe Illustrator Integration
C4D allows import of paths, type, and vector graphics from this industry-leading vector graphics software.

Adobe Photoshop Integration
C4D allows the import of multi-layered PSD files for easy material creation.

X-Particles Integration
By far the most used simulation tool for C4D, you can create realistic effects and abstract motion graphics.

Unreal Integration
Support for Cinema 4D is enabled via the Datasmith plugin.

Unity Integration
The Unity plugin is compatible with Cinema 4D.

Vectorworks Integration
Vectorworks develops all-in-one design and BIM software for architecture, landscape, and entertainment.


Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet Looks

Apply over 200 preset film looks, import LUTs, or work with custom colour correction tools directly in C4D.

Lighting in C4D

Lighting in C4D

Achieve real-world results by adjusting colour, brightness, falloff, visible or volumetric light, noise, and Lumen or Candela brightness.

Rendering System

Rendering System

C4D offers everything for a smooth rendering workflow including realistic and stylised renderings, as well as convenient management.

Take System

Take System

Change and save almost any parameter in C4D including object properties, animations, lights, cameras, materials, and textures.

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  • Windows 10 64-bit Version 1809 or higher
  • Intel 64-bit CPU or AMD 64-bit CPU with SSE3 support
  • 8 GB RAM, recommended 16 GB
  • NVIDIA Maxwell GPU GeForce 900 series card equivalent or higher



  • macOS 10.14.6 or higher, macOS 10.15.7 is recommended due to a number of Metal enhancements which will improve the performance, stability and interaction with the viewport.
  • Intel-based Apple Macintosh or Apple M1-powered Mac
  • 4 GB RAM, recommended 8 GB


Linux Command-Line Rendering

  • CentOS 7, 64-bit
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 64-bit


Online connection required. Recommended minimum resolution 1920x1080.